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Small Pen Plot Art: Postcard Art for Plot Party!

The second to last prompt for next week’s Plot Party is postcard! This will also be an art exchange for everyone participating in Plot Party (more info to come!)

Time to scale things down, what kind of pen plot postcards can you make?!

Tobias Grothmann: Maze Postcards

How about these playful maze postcards by Tobias Grothmann?

Postcard pen plot by Tobias Grothmann (IG: tobias_grothmann)

The solution to the maze is revealed when hit with UV light!

Postcard pen plot by Tobias Grothmann (IG: tobias_grothmann)

Tobias also keeps things simple with black and white patterned postcards too.

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How to Draw Code Art with an AxiDraw Pen Plotter

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If you are thinking of picking up an AxiDraw pen plotter, you can take 10% off an AxiDraw pen plotter and accessories with discount code DIRTALLEY10 when you buy directly from Evil Mad Scientist, the makers of the AxiDraw!

It’s been two years since I bought an AxiDraw pen plotter and began plotting my code art! This is an update to an older blog post detailing my AxiDraw pen plotter setup, and my favorite pens.

Just me, standing on a street corner, holding some art like you do.

Plug and Play: Setting Up an AxiDraw vs3

The Axidraw pen plotter is expensive, which means it is mostly ready to go out of the box with minimal setup. Keep in mind that the AxiDraw will need a large dedicated area to operate as the arm of the AxiDraw needs space to extend back behind the plotter (along with out front over the drawing area!)

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