Plot Party: an upcoming, week-long pen plotting art challenge this Nov 8-12! Use hashtag #plotparty on social media to share your pen plot art!

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Nov 8 – Weather
This is a thematic prompt! Whatever the word “weather” brings to mind. Think clouds, stormy waves, natural disasters (i.e. hurricanes!) and anything related to the atmosphere. Climate change?! Sunlight?!

Nov 9 – Multiple Line Widths
Bust out pens of different line widths, and see what happens. Contrast thick and thin lines in one pen plot with multiple pens, or just one pen. Experiment with calligraphy pens, Pilot Parallel Pen, brush pens, or many different pens in one plot.

Nov 10 – Glitches (errors/bugs)
Embrace mistakes, whether in code or during the pen plotting process.

Nov 11 – Postcard (& Art Exchange)
A postcard sized prompt, make any small, postcard sized work. There is also an optional postcard exchange. To take part in the postcard exchange, fill out this survey with your mailing address and the number of postcards you want to send to fellow Plot Party-ers.

Nov 12 – No Pen
Forgo a pen for any other tool you have laying around, whether that is a brush, pencil or something else entirely.

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What is an art challenge? How does this work?

Each day there is a new prompt for a piece of pen plotted artwork. Interpret the prompts as you see fit!

Share your work on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #plotparty so everyone who is participating in the art challenge can see what you end up making!

Do I need to make new work each day?

Choose your level of participation! There are pretty much no rules. If the prompt excites you, make something! If it doesn’t, skip that prompt and wait for the next day.

You can participate in all of the days, or only just some of the days. You can repeat a prompt or apply different prompts to the same design. The only rule is to just have fun!

What if I don’t own a pen plotter?

No problem, handmade artwork is just fine!

Where to Buy Artist Supplies?